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“We are extremely pleased with the quality of your work for Kimpton. Six months after your sessions, I continue to hear so many positive comments. Many people have told me it’s the most impactful training they’ve ever done.”
—Kim Passantino, Director of Human Resources, Kimpton Group

“Everyone is talking about your program. I expect to be seeing a lot more of you. We’re starting a new training initiative called Kimpton University next year for all our managers and you will be a central part of it.”
—A human resouces manager at headquarters

“Of the more than 20 professional programs Kimpton offered last year, Clarity Seminars’ stress management seminar was ranked highest by employees. We believe we have better managers and leaders now as a result of them feeling more balanced, more relaxed, and less overworked.”
—Niki Leandakis, Vice President, Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Group

From a new hotel manager, who returned to Kimpton after a year-long stint with a well-known, international hotel company:
“This training proves that I made the right decision. If my previous company had shown this level of interest in my development as a manager and as a person, I never would have left.”


Additional comments from participants (hotel managers):
“Clear, concise, effective. A ‘must’ for everyday life.”

“This training was the most relevant and helpful I have ever attended.”

“This is a ‘must-see.’ It’s interesting, informative, and yet easy to follow.

“Outstanding and refreshing! Let’s do this quarterly.”

“Frenzied hotel employees actually sat still for 4 hours and they appreciated it.
Very insightful.”

“A wonderful combination of physical and mental training. I left the workshop feeling more refreshed and relaxed than ever before.”

“Bring your tired, poor, oppressed, and stressed. You’ll leave feeling better than you ever imagined, with tools to make the world better. I loved the stories.”

“Sometimes we are so caught up in our daily struggles that we feel just making it through the day is an achievement. We don’t realize the stress we actually experience and what our reactions really do to others. Learning how to identify the stress that challenges us is what will allow us to really make a difference in this world.”

“Excellent performance. Realistic and down-to-earth. Very helpful and life-changing.”

Four-star properties owned by The Kimpton Group
Sir Francis Drake Hotel, San Francisco
Scala’s Bistro, San Francisco
Hotel Monaco, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago
Grand Cafe, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago
Clarion Hotel, San Francisco
Beverly Prescott Hotel, Beverly Hills
The Chez Restaurant, Beverly Hills
Alexis Hotel, Portland
Red Star Tavern, Seattle
Fifth Avenue Suites, Seattle


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