Course outline for Clarity Seminars’ stress management training programs

Outline for Breaking the Cycle of Stress

Also titled “Freedom from Stress” and “Martial Arts for the Mind”

Please note: This outline is for a four-hour training, with an optional two-hour follow-up. This training is also available in an abbreviated three-hour session.

Hour 1

Goals and objectives of the seminar
Stress points in participants’ lives (write on board)
What is stress?
Health impacts of prolonged stress
Scientific research on benefits of relaxation and meditation in reducing stress
Guided practice session

Hour 2

Q & A on exercises
How to make relaxation techniques a daily habit
Mind/body approaches to healing stress

Hour 2.5

Commonly held misperceptions that dramatically increase stress
The culprit: unconscious, habitual reactions
How never to be out of control again: choosing instead of reacting
A 4-step process developed by a Harvard M.D. for controlling our reactions
Learning to step back: tips for seeing the bigger picture
Martial arts for the mind: discipline, focus, effectiveness, speed, and calm
Productivity unleashed: how mental clarity cuts projects into minutes that formerly might have taken hours or days to complete

Hour 4

Guided practice session
Breaking the stress habit in the heat of battle-work and family stresses
Participants discuss or role-play every-day challenges

Optional follow-up session

Practical applications-open discussion of experiences since first session
Learning to step back: tips for seeing the bigger picture
Guided practice session
Closing/wrap-up/long-term homework


  • Practical hints for establishing a daily routine
  • Guided meditations (CD or cassette)
  • Meditation and relaxation written instructions
  • A survey of recent research on meditation and stress

Recommended program lengths for:

Corporate stress management training in the workplace:
4 hours with optional 2 hour follow-up.

Employee appreciation events or corporate retreats: 3 to 4 hours

Conferences: 2-3 hours. (unless time permits the full program of 4 hours)

Corporate stress management training in the workplace
Employee appreciation events
Motivational speakers
Conference speakers

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