Mindful Meditation


Mindful meditation

Meetings & Conventions Magazine
August 2003

By Martha Cooke

For many people, the idea of meditation conjures up images of cross-legged monks. But the ancient practice has gained wide pedestrian — and even corporate — appeal, says David Gamow, a meditation expert.

Gamow is co-founder of Mountain View, California-based Clarity Seminars (www.clarityseminars.com), which teaches corporate executives to tame stress and manage anger through meditation.

Anyone can benefit from the ancient art, which is much simpler than some might believe. Neophytes need only a quiet, dimly lit room and a chair, says Gamow. “Focus on your breath, both inhalation and exhalation,” he advises.

For those who find their thoughts wandering, Gamow dismisses the notion that the mind must be a blank screen. Rather than trying to think of nothing, he suggests steering thoughts to the positive.

Above all, consistency of practice is the key to making meditation work. According to Gamow, “Just 10 minutes every day is better than 45 minutes once a week.”


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