Kaiser Permanente



David and Karen Gamow
Clarity Seminars
240 Monroe Drive, #215
Mountain View, CA 94040

Dear Karen and David,

I just wanted to thank you for presenting such a cogent and much needed seminar for our Ob/Gyn residents. It was exactly what I was hoping to give to our hard-working group.

To have longevity and success as a physician, we all need to gain mastery over our own stress and ourselves, or we become depleted and burn out at the source.

As I said to the group before your program, it’s like the airline announcement that ‘in case of an emergency, we need to first place the oxygen mask securely over our own face before we can help the one next to us’.

To become effective healers, we need to break our own cycle of stress so our compassion and skills are better able to pour out to help those in need.

Robin Field, M.D.
Ob-Gyn Residency Program Director
Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco
(received by email)


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