Testimonials about Clarity Seminars workplace stress management training

Testimonials about Clarity Seminars’ workplace stress management and resiliency training

Below are brief testimonials from participants and clients about Clarity Seminars’ workplace stress management training. (See links at left for longer, complete testimonials). Testimonials are from managers and employees who attended one of our on-site trainings, conferences, or employee appreciation events.

“I believe that these are critical skills for achieving our goals with greater clarity of mind, without losing our sense of humor or our health along the way. I can add from my own personal experience that I am able to deal more effectively with difficult situations and people, as well as with my always substantial workload. We have a savvy audience when it comes to training, having hosted some of the most noted speakers and authors in the country. I heard from several participants that your presentation was one of the best they’d experienced.” complete testimonial
-Jeff F., Manager, Learning & Development, CBS Interactive
(the online division of CBS)

“I have worked with hundreds of the finest trainers throughout the world. Your presentation is definitely in the top 10% of what I have seen. So many programs are Power Point presentations describing a topic, whereas yours really motivates and changes people. Your enthusiasm shines through what you do and the effect is dramatic.”
-Robert C., Global Chief Learning Officer, Human Resources, GE Healthcare

“In my 17-year career with the National Park Service, I have never chosen to attend a training twice. But I was here yesterday and am back again today. I can’t recommend this more highly. We don’t focus enough on our inner environment and the challenges we face — the stresses and frustrations that we experience every day. This program is a gift.” complete testimonial
—Natalie Gates, Superintendent Haleakala National Park, Maui, Hawai’i

“We have seen an immediate benefit from your seminar. People who have completed your training have seen and felt a difference in their professional and personal lives. We are eager to have more employees attend and apply the techniques.” complete testimonial
-Tony Deblauwe, Director of Human Resources, Nokia Northern California

“Karen and David’s stress and resiliency training received the highest accolades of the year from our Federal workforce. Feedback was immediate and powerful — a must attend training for professionals seeking to do their best work.”
—Joseph G. Schmitt, Director of Operations, National Debt Management Center, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

“We are a German company with mostly engineers in our workforce. They are a demanding audience when it comes to training and a tough crowd. However, this training has been very well-received and highly-rated here by our employees, much more than we anticipated. I was surprised at how many people signed up for this session. We only have about 300 employees here in the Detroit area, and more than a third have attended your sessions over the past year. I recommend this training highly.”
-Becky Fureigh, Senior Manager Human Resources, Durr Systems

“Thank you again for sharing your expertise with us. The tools and concepts you and David provided will certainly go a long way in strengthening us personally and as an organization.” complete testimonial
-Sheree Chiang, Senior Vice President, Human Resources
American Heart Association

“Thank you for all you have done for our organization. We very much appreciate you working with us last week at Lockheed’s Leadership Offsite. The team was very impressed and appreciative of what they learned from your seminar. We are appreciative of your time, flexibility and exceptional communication throughout the process.”
-Jamie R., HR, Lockheed Martin

“Thumbs up. I wish I had seen this 30 years ago. I have 200 top executives under me, and 1200 mid-level managers under them, and I’d like everyone to take this.”
-Pete Kutras, Director, Office of the County Executive, Santa Clara County

“David and Karen represent a rare breed of professionals who execute the “nuts and bolts” of their stress management workshops flawlessly That’s because they quite literally practice what they preach – teaching timeless self management principles designed to help us reduce stress while gaining control of our work and personal lives.” complete testimonial
-Phil Quigley, Talent Development Manager, Yahoo!

“Of the more than 20 management training programs Kimpton offered last year, your seminar was ranked highest by our employees. We believe we have better leaders now as a result of it: more balanced, more relaxed, and less overworked.” more testimonials from Kimpton managers
-Niki Leondakis, Vice President, Kimpton Hotels

“This is the best stress management program we’ve ever offered in my 20 years at NASA.” complete testimonial
-Miriam Glazer, Programs Director, NASA-Ames Research Center

“Thank you for providing invaluable stress and resilience tools for our supervisors. We want our supervisors to know that they have support to deal with the challenges they face. Your training has been an essential part of this support. We all need an opportunity to gain skills to deal with stress — to prepare our people for the battle of daily life. Thank you so much for being a part of our leadership training initiative this year.” complete testimonial
—Karen Wilson, Supervisory Human Resources Officer, Bureau of Land Management of Oregon

“Our employees include some of the country’s finest research scientists, and they gave this program top ratings. It’s a big plus that the program is based on clinical research and that people can experience the results of the techniques first-hand. Even our traditional skeptics were won over.” complete testimonial
Erin M. Shatara, Training Coordinator, Stanford Linear Accelerator

“I enjoyed your program immensely. It is excellent for people on the bench. I’ve thought long and deeply about how to respond to the people who appear in my courtroom, given their frustrations, lack of respect for authority, and the necessity for me to be both understanding and strong. I intend to implement all of the tools in my professional and personal life.”
-A Tacoma County, WA judge (anonymous as required by law)

“I have spoken to several people who had attended your session, and we all are in agreement that it’s one of the best training sessions anyone of us have taken at Stanford (or anywhere else, for that matter).”
-David S., Manager, Stanford School of Medicine

“This was the first time we attempted any training of this type at our week-long Annual Fleet Administration Management Seminar, and my apprehension at trying it out on this no-nonsense crowd was great. However, about 60 seconds into your training, my apprehension disappeared along with my stress! Thank you for your lively and engaging training. We all found it very effective and enjoyable, and I recommend it highly.” complete testimonial
-Lieutenant Commander Todd A. Bridgeman, NOAA Deputy Chief of Operations, NOAA Marine Operations Center-Pacific

“Dispatchers, their managers, and supervisors are a unique group, and face many stresses comparable to those of first-line responders. I think as a profession, we should be doing much more to support and address their cumulative stress. Having the ability to react calmly in pressure situations is an invaluable skill. Your ability to not only show us how to do that, but motivate and inspire us to do it, is what makes your program so valuable.” complete testimonial
-Brenda Velasquez, Communications Manager, South San Francisco Police Department

“One of our senior VPs was dominating and brusque with subordinates and clients. But he was invaluable to the company. We allowed it to continue for too long. But finally, we told him his job depended on improving these behaviors, and we required him to take your training. I am happy to report that he is practicing the exercises every day, and we see real improvement. He is communicating more sensitively with colleagues.”
-HR director (Anonymous)

“Thank you for the excellent training program. We are finishing a multi-year project implementing new computer systems and accounting processes, and were in search of a reward to employees — something to ease the building stress experienced by our workforce. The immediate feedback from managers and employees was overwhelmingly favorable. More importantly, 2 months later, the benefits from the training are apparent. I highly recommend your training. Its effectiveness is already spreading to other parts of our company.”  complete testimonial
-Robin Nix, Director, IT, Vulcan Materials Company

“This training program was helpful, not only in terms of how to deal with people who stress you out, but especially on how you handle yourself, so you don’t let the slings, arrows, and other misfortunes that others may sling your way get you down. It was rather liberating, in fact.”
-John Lom, Deputy Chief Counsel, Department of the Treasury

“Your program is excellent. It’s clear how much you care about the participants, and the ideas you share. It comes from your heart and has a real impact on people, in a way that most trainings simply don’t. More than sharing information, you are connecting with people in a way that can really change them. I have received very positive feedback our people. I appreciate you both. FYI, several employees are still commenting a month later on your presentation, and how it spearheaded them into focusing on their overall well-being and prioritizing things better.”
-Smita Seard, Sr. U.S. Probation Officer and Training Coordinator
Northern District of Alabama

“Thank you for presenting at our chapter’s annual educational conference this year. It was a terrific program. The evaluations were all excellent, and people were buzzing about the ideas you shared for a long time afterward. You have a wonderful way of connecting meaningfully with your audience. Anyone working in the law firm environment (or any other high stress workplace) would benefit greatly from your program.”  complete testimonial
-Karin Wiborn, Executive Director, Archer Norris, on behalf of the East Bay ALA (Association of Legal Administrators)

“I’ve had migraines since I was 8. Using these techniques, the migraines have disappeared – without drugs – for the first time in my life.”
-K. F. Manager, Burns Philp Corporation

“This is the best workshop I have ever attended, anywhere. I have been practicing meditation every day since the workshop, and no longer have any pain. My boss practices daily, too. My life has changed completely. Thank you for a wonderful program.”
-Rosa R., Citrix Systems

“I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis), with the usual accompanying stiffness and difficulty moving. I limped into this training as usual, moving slowly. After the first set of exercises, I stood up, and was astonished to be moving nearly normally. My MS symptoms diminished 75% in 30 minutes.”
-Anonymous, supervisor, State Government of Alaska

“I am still taking advantage of what I learned in your class a year ago, and find it very effective. Your training offers invaluable skills for success in work, and in life.” complete testimonial
-Brenda P., Director, Center for Human Resources, Social Security Administration

“On behalf of the DOE and 12 other federal agencies who sent senior executives to your presentation, I would like to thank and commend you for a very well-executed program. I am still receiving feedback from participants about how much they enjoyed and benefitted from the techniques and strategies presented.”
-David Rosenmarkle, Executive Learning and Development, U.S. Department of Energy

“This program is pure genius. A “must-see” for anyone who wants to change their life for the better. Very warm speakers — open and easy to engage with. They really want to help their audience. Let them.”
-Mindy Ecenrode, Attorney, U.S. Army

“This was the most useful and excellent course I have taken in my entire life.”
-Meredith Brown, Nurse, Seton Medical Center

“I am still taking advantage of what I learned in your class a year ago, and find it very effective. Your training offers invaluable skills for success in work, and in life.” complete testimonial
-Brenda P., Director, Center for Human Resources, Social Security Administration

“What I didn’t tell you (I didn’t want to raise your stress level) was that the group of sixty managers you were about to train were all veteran educators who definitely have a “show me” attitude when it comes to staff development – a very tough audience. Well, the reviews are in and you guys were an absolute hit – the single highest rated program we have ever had. Many participants told me that it was the most valuable training they had ever experienced.” complete testimonial
-Tom Fitzpatrick, Assistant to the Superintendent, San Mateo County Office of Education

“Your program is excellent. I am very pleased to find a program of such quality to meet our needs, and am hopeful that you can present this training to our CEO members throughout the U.S.”
-Wendy Beecham, Chair, Chief Executives Working Together

“Thank you for your excellent presentation. Yours was the most popular program of the thirty sessions offered at our annual Leadership Conference.”
-Colonel Chris Green, U.S. Army

“People owe it to themselves, their co-workers, and their loved ones to acquire these skills. Practicing them would transform any workplace-and people’s lives- for the better.” complete testimonial
-Pam D., Training and Development Coordinator, Morrison & Foerster, Attorneys at Law

“The response to your program has been so enthusiastic, our company president asked to join in on last week’s session.” complete testimonial
-Lisa Vere, Human Resources Manager, Rosendin Electric

“After years of insomnia, I’ve been able to fall asleep immediately, and sleep all the way through the night again. Thank you!”
-L. Stevenin, small business owner

“Thank you for the outstanding presentation you provided at our annual leadership conference in Palm Springs. In this challenging economic environment of doing more with less while still striving to remain relevant and competitive, it is very easy to overlook something as important as our own well-being. During one of the exercises, I will never forget looking around the room and watching over 70 of our most important leaders as they participated. You never know how well a presentation will be received, and I was pleased to see them all taking it very seriously, truly learning how to incorporate this into their daily lives. I certainly know that I will.”  complete testimonial
-Randy Peterson, CEO/President, HMC Architects

“The feedback after your training session has been great. I think everyone found the training to be very beneficial, applicable, and engaging. One of the Center Directors said it was the ‘best training she’s attended’ since working for Head Start, and others agreed. I’m so grateful we connected and that you were able to be the presenters for our fall conference.” complete testimonial
-Ashley Bastinelli, 
Human Resources Manager, San Francisco Head Start 

“My husband took your program because his blood pressure was so high. He was on three medications that seemed not to be working very well. “I’m overjoyed to tell you that his blood pressure has dropped from 160/92 to 99/81!”

‘We have been interested in providing meaningful stress management help to our staff for a long time, and had not found a program that we felt would be effective. We found yours to be different. When I returned to my desk after the training, I found that I was more focused and relaxed than I had been in a long time. In fact, I was extremely productive that afternoon, more than usual. I was interrupted numerous times, but was able to handle people quickly and kindly and return to work focused and relaxed. We’ve had 6 training sessions with you, and several months later, people are still talking about the benefits. Given the pressures on IT to perform, this is an enormous help with our productivity. Your program is very effective and powerful. I highly recommend it.” complete testimonial
-Melissa DeVore, Assistant Director, Information Technology Services, University of Texas at Austin

“We’ve been going through a very stressful downsizing. After your program, we hired a placement company to help staff find jobs. The counselor called me with surprise and said, “Usually people are worried about the changes awaiting them. Your people have been calm and collected, even laughing and enjoying the process. Why?” I attribute it largely to the success of your program. It has been invaluable for our people in dealing with the changes that have taken place. Thank you!”
-Jennifer Rieble, Training Director, Burns Philp Corporation

“The best stress-management program we’ve ever offered – ideal for helping us retain our valuable managers and save them from burnout or job dissatisfaction. It provided our people with invaluable skills to manage their workloads and their staff effectively.” complete testimonial
-Mark Hyde, Director Human Resources, Hyatt Sainte Claire, San Jose

“I have high blood pressure. An hour after taking your class and practicing the exercises, I took my blood pressure. It dropped to nearly normal, and stayed at that level for several hours.”
-Anonymous (oncology nurse)

“One of the best seminars I have ever attended. It has made a huge difference in my life, and had a tremendous positive impact on my performance in a highly stressful work environment.”
-Becky S., Manager, Sun Microsystems

“I have never seen such a positive response to a program. Many people afterwards said things like: the best seminar I have ever attended – powerful – life-changing. Honestly, the testimonials don’t begin to describe the power and effectiveness of your program.” complete testimonial
-Kaylene Riggs, Director of Sales, Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite

“Frankly, we have not had much success with previous stress management trainers. But your program has been markedly different. You’ve done more than a dozen highly successful training sessions so far for us. We are glad to have found you.” complete testimonial
-Jennifer Parker, Training Coordinator, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

“We received very high ratings from what is usually a very hard-to-please audience. In fact, the response was so positive, two of our senior managers have considered that this program be provided to the entire office. The Gamows’ training is excellent. The skills they teach are critical for working effectively with the public, handling the constant stress of security work, and making sure our employees can leave those stresses at work when they go home to their families.” complete testimonial
-Lt. William Bonifacio, Training Manager, San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department

“If my previous company had shown this level of interest in my development as a manager and as a person, I never would have left.”
-K.N., 4 star hotel manager, San Francisco

“Employees are clamoring for help in managing stress. It’s something every organization faces today, but it’s rare to find a program that is effective. This program meets our employee’s needs with solid, practical techniques and a very motivational, engaging program. The Gamows’ easy presentation style coupled with an obvious deep knowledge of human physiology and psychology gives them great credibility with their audiences. Several people commented that it was the best training they had ever experienced.” complete testimonial
-Jeanne Batey, Human Resources Director, Office of Economic Development, City of Denver

“You have no idea what your program has done for me. I just don’t worry about the little things any more, and I am doing the exercises two three times a day, as well as a few times at night. I do the breathing exercises all the time while driving to and from work, going up and down the stairs, and they alone relax me. The shoulder pain I have had for three months is almost gone. Thank you so much.”
-Sharon B, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

“This is a high-stress environment, and your training has been a great help in accomplishing what we need to get done here. Having a core of trained people has benefited the whole Center. Even one person with calm energy in the face of challenge helps everyone to respond at their best. I recommend your work highly.” complete testimonial
-Charles Palmer, Jr. Administrator, 351st Civil Affairs, U.S. Army

“Our staff are under tremendous pressure from the heightened security needs we face since 9/11, and it has taken a toll on our people. Your program is a life-saver.” complete testimonial
-Mary Jo Snell, Human Resources Training Manager, Denver International Airport

“I’ve had chronic neck pain for many years, and work in a very stressful environment. Yet, after practicing these techniques for only a short time, my neck pain is almost completely gone.”
-Emma Y., NASA

“One of my colleagues has suffered from insomnia for a long time. The day after your training, she came into my office to say that she was finally able to fall asleep quickly, and stay asleep the whole night through because of the techniques she learned just 10 hours earlier. I can feel the difference in my own life as well. I am still amazed that just a few hours of your training can yield such positive results.” complete testimonial
-Christina Gray, Marketing and Employee Training Coordinator, The Focal Point, LLC

“I just wanted to thank you for presenting such a cogent and much needed seminar for our residents. It was exactly what I was hoping to give to our hard-working group. To become effective healers, we need to break our own cycle of stress so our compassion and skills are better able to pour out to help those in need.” complete testimonial
-Robin Field, M.D., Ob-Gyn Residency Program Director, Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco

I am a 25 year Police veteran and have seen the negative effects of stress on many colleagues over the years. The response to the Gamows’ training was overwhelmingly positive. I strongly recommend their course to anyone.” complete testimonial
-Michael H., Commander, San Jose Police Department Training Division

“I have a painful wrist condition and wear a support band. I attended your training and noticed a dramatic reduction in the pain in my wrist after just one exercise. I literally felt tension pouring out of my hand. When I took a walk outside during the break, I felt profoundly refreshed in a way I hadn’t in a long time. Your program is excellent and effective.”
-JoAnn Baldwin, Executive Assistant to the Assistant Regional Commissioner
Social Security Administration, San Francisco Region

“A+. This program provided tremendous new insight in how to recognize and eliminate stress. Life will improve if you practice the techniques learned today. I know I will.”
-Mark McDonald, President, Hitachi Instruments

“I’m normally in pain and discomfort nearly all the time, and yet I was pain free after a single session of your exercises. I can’t begin to thank you enough for your training and all that I learned and gained from it. The benefits are incredible.”
-S. M., Stanford School of Medicine

“If ever there was a way to improve your life, make work more productive and meaningful, and make you feel good about yourself and your world, you could find no better than this course!”
-Chris Webb, U.S. Army

“David Gamow and his wife, Karen, have trained thousands of people in the high-stress world of Silicon Valley, including workers and managers at firms such as Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, and Oracle. It’s not surprising that companies are discovering the benefits of meditation in helping their work forces to better handle stress, and many are offering stress reduction and meditation seminars.” complete article
Investor’s Business Daily

“I have felt noticeably more relaxed, focused, and effective at work.”
-Teresa A., Manager, Yahoo!

“My doctor ordered me to take this course. My perceptions have changed completely. I’m able to handle so much more than I used to, with much less stress and anger. Things that used to be hard for me to take just seem less of a big deal now. I don’t even mind the traffic anymore, and I used to be a real road warrior.”
-Craig M., Manager, 3COM

“Your training is life-changing. I joked that it’s as good as a session with a therapist, but a lot cheaper. But it’s true. This is a very cost-effective way to bring life-changing health and productivity benefits to our employees. I recommend your training with enthusiasm.” complete testimonial
-Fran Benson, V.P., CAL Insurance

“We offer programs regularly to employees, but they are often more talk than techniques and tools. Your training was full of hands-on techniques that people can take back to the office and apply in their lives with noticeable results. It works!” complete testimonial
-Angela Lepore, Benefits Administrator, Oral-B

“It has been a high priority for me, personally, to bring these skills to our people; it’s something I wish I had learned earlier in my career. Your program is excellent and high-energy, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding hotel professional.” complete testimonial
-Bruce Carpenter, General Manager, Westin Santa Clara

“I feel different – more relaxed, more in control. This program has been a powerful experience.”
-Astrid T., Administrator, NASA

“The single most important thing I learned was how to become calm in stressful situations. For example, when I’m stuck in traffic, it doesn’t frustrate me anymore. The breathing techniques are very helpful, as well as Karen’s technique for waking your body up in the morning while still in bed. It works!”
-Sonia M.

“I just returned to work from a sick day of leave caused from an extreme headache. My doctor said that he thought it was stress-related. He ordered me to attend a stress management class. I came to your training and left with 75% less tension than when I came in the door.”
-Marion E.

“We needed this program. It couldn’t have come at a better time. It had a powerful effect on a number of our people who are experiencing extremely challenging situations – divorce, caring for aging parents, serious illness on top of the demands of managing a busy conference hotel with more business than usual. Just looking into the faces of these people, I could see immediate benefit from the techniques you taught.” complete testimonial
-Chrissie Plock, Director Human Resources, Hilton Tampa Westshore, FL

“I just want to say thank you! The techniques you teach are wonderful. I have gained so much control over areas of my life that I always felt I had very little control over. I just experienced, hands down, the best interview of my life. I was offered the job I have wanted, but never had the courage to apply for until now. This experience has given me confidence and a positive perspective. I’m amazed at how just a few hours of your program changed my life in such dramatic ways.”
-Kellie, NASA

“I own a company in the San Francisco Bay area. I was on my way to the annual stockholders’ meeting with anxiety. There was only bad news to report, and the room would be filled with angry people. I took a moment to reflect, and realized there was nothing I could do to change the circumstances. Once I really accepted it, I felt a real freedom. By the time I got to the meeting, I felt very relaxed. The day started as I expected, filled with disappointed and angry people. But I felt wonderful. I was much more effective being calm than I would have been, buying into the tension of the day. By the end of the meeting, the energy had significantly turned around, and the audience was more calm, more accepting as well. I came home that evening, and my wife was amazed at how calm I was.”
-Anonymous CEO

“The most exciting new thing I have learned in a long time. Wonderful and very useful information made very interesting and humorous. Exercises were incredible.”
-Nancy Outenreath, Oncology Nurse

“Months after the training, our managers still talk about the ideas you shared, and apply them in their work. One of my staff gave her husband the CD of guided exercises, and it has greatly helped with his back pain.”
-Debbie Dunham, Personnel Director, Agnews Developmental Center

“The face of modern medicine is changing, and you are helping all of us to be a part of than change. You are providing invaluable tools for stress reduction and pain management that anyone can learn in a few hours.” complete testimonial
-Lance Sams, Cancer Center, Morton Plant Mease Hospital, Clearwater, FL

“A few days after your class, something happened that caused a tremendous amount of stress in me. I was literally fuming while driving home. So I started doing the exercises right then and there, in the car. By the time I got home, I felt completely free of anger. In fact, I felt like I’d taken a valium. I am stunned how effective these techniques are.”
-T.S., Microsoft

“My 33 year old son recently came home to live with us again, and I had to confront him recently about a very challenging issue. Normally I would handle this kind of confrontation very poorly, and would dissolve in tears, not having accomplished anything. But this time, I used the principles you taught. My son used every trick in the book to pull me into an emotional, confused state of mind. But I didn’t react habitually with an emotional outburst. I made my case and stood firmly, but lovingly by it. And by the end, my son said to me, ‘Mom, what’s gotten into you? You said what was needed and you stuck with it. I’m proud of you.’ What a difference!”

“I’ve been trying to quit smoking. Since I took the training a few weeks ago, whenever I have the urge to smoke, I sit and breathe for a few minutes. Then the urge goes away. It also is helping me fall asleep better at night.”

“I usually talk without considering others’ feelings. I have learned to listen and choose my response without reacting. I’ve begun to enjoy my life without letting every little thing irritate me.”

“I’ve had to deal with very disorganized, last-minute orders in my office for a long time. But since the seminar, I’ve felt much freer; losing my cool less often. These techniques are very effective.”

“I don’t have to hold all that tension in my body anymore. I can just let it go. Especially other people’s problems that aren’t my responsibility. I’ve had lots of shoulder, neck, and lower neck pain which has been helped by this training.”

“The techniques help to calm my mind. I find when my mind is calm, I can think more clearly.”

“These techniques really work! Using one of the breathing techniques, I shaved 13 strokes off my golf game! I’m always a little nervous when I go up to the first tee. So this time, I practiced your techniques before I got to the tee. Right from the start, I was calmer and more relaxed than ever. They helped me get to a point as relaxed as if I had played half the course already. This is great!”
-Anonymous (attorney)

“About a month after your program, I was gardening on my patio. In a freak accident, a large planter weighing several hundred pounds dropped on my foot. The pain was excruciating. But then I remembered the breathing exercises I’d learned, and began practicing them. Pretty much right away, the sense of pain went away. I practiced all the way to the hospital and in the emergency room. By the time I got to the doctor, he needed to perform an extremely painful procedure. Even the doctor was distressed as he was working. But I felt calm, and free of pain. It was a remarkable experience.”
-Anonymous (attorney)

“I honestly have to say I am very impressed with your session on stress management. It was practical and most importantly, after only trying it once, I can feel a difference already. I was ‘at the wall’ emotionally, filled with stress and it was starting to affect my health in a big way. It will be awhile before I’m back to normal, but for now, my stress is manageable. I would highly recommend this for any corporate setting, regardless of the type of industry.”
-Janice (attorney)

“I wish I had learned these skills earlier in my life. What a difference they would have made. I wish these ideas were taught to children in school.”

“Since I took your class, I’ve been practicing every day. My friends have noticed a big change in me-more calm, more in control. They keep asking me what was going on, and finally I told them. Now they are begging me to borrow the class CD, but I don’t want to lend it out. I’m buying them their own copies, as a gift.”

“I usually spend my day grumping about an endless series of small annoyances. I excused this as being a motivational tool for getting things done. I used anger as a motivational tool not only with myself but on others too! This cycle of stress was so clearly explained in class that I quit doing this for an entire afternoon and evening! This is so simple but elusive when you’re wrapped up in it. This afternoon I was able to unload a truck and store the contents efficiently without a single burst of anger. In one instance I found myself going back to the shop for the wheel barrow I forgot. I was just going back to get what I forgot. I wasn’t angry! So what do I think of the program? It wasn’t what I expected and I am glad it wasn’t. Excellent.”
-Anonymous (engineer), Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

“Thank you for the seminar yesterday. Maybe you could tell by my tears how much I needed it. I have long wished I could be cooler and I think finally now I have some good methods to achieve that. I have to admit that I did not expect to react so strongly to yesterday’s class.”
-Anonymous (engineer)

“The training was extremely useful. When I got home the first evening, my wife said she had not seen me so relaxed and cheerful for months.”
-A.N., Nokia

“I must tell you that a number of times recently I have used your breathing technique in getting to sleep. It works every time!”
-Dorothee M., City of Clearwater

“When I woke up the next morning after your class, for the first time in weeks, my stomach was not in knots! I noticed it right away. I actually felt rested! I was so amazed and excited!”
-Kelly J. (attorney)

“At the last minute, I was called up to do a presentation in place of my supervisor. I had no time to prepare, think, or get ready mentally. I did the exercises and my anxiety disappeared! The presentation went beautifully.”

“I’ve suffered from hemorrhoids for the past few years. I am no longer having problems since your class. The breathing techniques have helped my healing process.”

“It has been a busy time at work, but I have been very calm during meetings and negotiations. I am consciously choosing to not allow myself to get too worked up about the frustrations we are feeling about the bureaucracy, and it is working.”
-A department head/anonymous

“I have TMJ and my jaw was hurting as I was driving. I did the breathing technique and told my jaw to relax. It took a few tries, but it worked. The pain went away.”

“It’s very hard to characterize this class. It’s foundational for a wide variety of subjects: Customer Service, Coping with Difficult People, Reducing Stress, and more. It contains solid information about stress, coping and ultimately taking personal responsibility. Great, great class. I highly recommend the Gamows’ training.”
-Diane Flannigan, Training Manager, Coldwell Banker

“I highly recommend this training. It’s an excellent investment in our people-something that improves their performance on the job, and in life.” complete testimonial
-Toni Smith, Human Resources Manager, Dionex

“I’ve had insomnia for the past 7 years. I can fall asleep, but then wake up at 1 or 2 am, and am unable to go back to sleep. But after practicing your exercises, the problem is gone. I can sleep through the night again.”
-R.F., City of Palo Alto employee

“It’s rare in life that someone hands you a tool that works.”
-Jacqueline Bagata, Perinatal Nurse, San Joaquin General Hospital

“Powerful and practical.”
-Mike Jurewicz, CEO, Sprig Electric, San Jose

“The response to your program was terrific. Clearly, this is a class with something valuable for everyone! I personally enjoyed the class. It brought me back to what’s most important in life and work. So thank you for bringing your light and wisdom into Schwab.”
-Tom Rauch, Human Resources Manager, Charles Schwab, San Francisco

“It’s not just anybody who can take a group of 350 women and get them to sit quietly through a guided meditation. They loved everything you taught them. Additionally, as a meeting planner, I especially enjoyed working with you. Your dedication to the program’s success went above and beyond the role of speakers. You put in thought as to how to how best to serve the audience as well as the committee putting on the event. The end result was a phenomenal event that went smoothly and was a huge success! complete testimonial
-Elizabeth Macisco, Marketing Coordinator, Washoe Health System, Reno, NV

“I spent four hours with David and Karen Gamow last Friday. The topic of their session was “Breaking The Cycle of Stress.” The subject matter was right on point and their presentation was superb. I would recommend this training strongly for my spouse, my daughter, my son-in-law, my co-workers, or my enemies. They know their stuff, it’s quite relevant today, and they do an excellent presentation.”
-Mike Kilpatrick, Human Resources Manager, Del Monte, Modesto, CA

“Thank you again for the wonderful workshop last week – folks here were raving. We’ll definitely be bringing you back for an encore.”
-Jennifer Freitas, Human Resources Manager, Clifbar, Berkeley

“Our department has been through a year-long training process and redefinition of our mission and how we work together. This kind of change can be profound, but also challenging. As it turned out, your program was just what I was looking for. It was ideal for supporting our new directions – especially taking responsibility for our behaviors and reactions, gaining mastery over mind, emotions, and body, increasing our awareness of the realities of others, and making good decisions under pressure.The skills you teach are critical for success in work and in life. I recommend your work highly to other police and public safety departments.” complete testimonial
-Mark Puthuff, Chief of Police, Fort Bragg, CA

“Many of our clients are low-income with sick and struggling children. It’s a very high pressure situation for them, and for us. Your training was really outstanding – one of the best I have ever attended. It was motivating and insightful. Our staff gained tools that many are using every day to feel more of a sense of self-mastery and control over their lives. The feedback was very positive from everyone, from doctors to the administrative support. I think the doctors appreciated it the most, actually. You opened up a group discussion on issues we have not addressed so openly in the past: stress, how we respond to it, and how we treat each other under pressure. I am seeing a real difference in myself and others, and I wanted to thank you for bringing this program to our group.” complete testimonial
-Linda Olson, Office Manager, Bay Area Pediatric and Pulmonary Clinic

“Our people loved your training last week. Staff requests to attend and attendance were at an all time high. I was impressed with the benefits of the program, and the motivation people felt. People came away knowing that they could take simple steps to immediately improve their ability to communicate and work effectively with others. The attendees really came to see that they can have much more control over their reactions than they normally think is possible. The analogies and stories were very powerful.” complete testimonial
-Leila Llewelyn, Director of Education, San Mateo Medical Center

“I have had pain in my neck for 4 days and have had horrible shoulder pain for 6 months; the meditation exercise took away the neck pain completely, and the shoulder pain has diminished significantly.”
-Laura D., Public Utilities, City of Clearwater

“Your program for our annual conference was awesome! Extremely engaging, helpful and effective. People had reductions in pain and physical tension after just one short period of exercises. Our Assistant Director was so satisfied with your seminar that he referred to points you’d made many times during his presentations during the rest of week. It’s a perfect program for an off-site meeting. You are performing a great service.” complete testimonial
-Gina Thomas, Chief Information Office/Business & Investment Branch, U.S. Forest Service

“I attended your seminar several years ago, and have been using your CD to guide my meditation since, which has greatly helped me handle the many changes at work, even manage jet lag during international travel!”
-Purnima Kochikar, technology executive

“I want to thank you, on behalf of our office, for delivering a stellar training which has benefited us personally and professionally.”
-Kerry Adams Hapner, Director of Cultural Affairs, Deputy Director of Economic Development, City of San Jose

“Thanks for presenting to our group of probation officers and support staff. Your training dealing with stress and change will undoubtedly be useful as we implement some new initiatives here in the office, and equally importantly, in maintaining a healthy approach to stressors in our personal lives. Feedback on the program was very positive from staff at all levels of the organization.”
-Drew Thompson, Chief Probation Officer
U.S District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania

“I credit your “Martial Arts for the Mind” as one of the catalysts for my personal journey and growth. It was the benefits I received that encouraged me to bring these same benefits of mindfulness to Plantronics and to have it become part of our culture. For that, I thank you very much.”
-Barry Margerum, Chief Strategy Officer, Plantronics

“I have been here for many years, and this is the first training I have ever taken that actually made a change in me that will last more than a day. I’ve never seen a training that lit a fire in people for days afterward and will really make a change in us. Everyone is still talking about it. But more than talking about it, they’re acting on it.”
-Frank H., Chef Concierge, Les Clefs d’Or, 5 star resort

“My kidneys failed some years ago, after a long period of high blood pressure and stress that I was unable to control. I’m on dialysis 9 hours a day now. I just want to say that your program changed my life. I deal with things completely differently now. I wish I’d had this training years ago.”
—A manager at GE

“I thoroughly enjoyed today’s training. You have no idea how much of a difference this is going to make for me. I was diagnosed with PTSD and have anxiety and panic attacks at times due to triggers. Sleeping at night is a challenge most days, and staying asleep is almost never possible. I have been going to therapy for a couple years now but I still have not felt as much peace as your class today had given me in just a few hours. I can’t wait to start reading your book.”

“We spent a year looking for a training that would help our people work with a demanding public. We all know what to do. What’s important is being able to respond well under pressure. This was one of the most outstanding trainings we’ve ever had. The response was so positive, our executive team wants you back soon for more. After the first day’s training, word got out and people were asking if they could squeeze in. Our training room was packed. Everyone spoke highly of it: maintenance workers, fire fighters, administrators, and executives. We have a great team here, and this week’s training just made us better.”
—Teresia Zadroga-Haase, Human Resources Director, City of Manhattan Beach, CA

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