Clarity Seminars stress and resilience training in the news

Clarity Seminars in the News


The Huffington Post

July 27, 2016
Could Your Job Help You Be Less Stressed?
by Krithika Varagur
Associate Editor, What’s Working, The Huffington Post


Money Magazine/CNN Money Magazine

January/February, 2012
Health: Beat Stress for Less
by Kate Ashford


Investor’s Business Daily

Wednesday, March 24, 2004
“Relaxation can improve your business decisions and your overall health”
by Kathleen Doler


Peninsula Press

August 2013
Technology: Source of Stress and Solution to Address It
by Anna Li


Gannett News

Sunday, June 8, 2003
“How to keep stress from making you crazy”
by Anita Bruzzese


Information Week

September 25, 2000
“Silicon Valley and the culture of more. Balance or burnout. A backlash is building among overworked IT staffers. Here’s why, and what to do about it”
by Marianne Kolbasuk McGee, Diane Rezendes Khirallah, and Michelle Lodge


Meetings & Conventions Magazine

August, 2003
“Mindful meditation”
by Martha Cooke


Industry Week

February 21, 2000
“Stressed out”
by Michael Verespej


Restaurant Business Magazine

September 15, 1999
“High anxiety: Is job stress driving you crazy
and pushing employees out the door? It doesn’t have to.”
by Victor Wishna


Personal Excellence

September, 1999
“Meditation Heals”
by David and Karen Gamow



in Tampa, August, 1999
Half hour live interview on how to manage stress with call-ins.


San Jose Mercury News

Tuesday, June 16, 1998
“How to prevent or survive job burnout”
by Sherri Eng


HR Focus

September, 1998
“Cutting-Edge Stressbusters”
by Gail Dutton


Stress and Health in the News

The Boston Globe

November 23, 2005
“New looks at the types, and effects, of meditation”
by Carey Goldberg

New York Times

September 5, 2004
“Workload and stress undercutting health”
by John Schwartz

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