Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training
Stress Management & Resilience Skills in a 24/7 World

Working with clients is harder than ever. Expectations are high, time is short, and tempers sometimes flare. But it is possible to survive, and even thrive as a customer service professional today. The best customer service training in the world can be presented, but until we are able to maintain calm focus and self-control, what we’ve learned can easily be forgotten in the heat of the moment. The trick is to get it right under pressure, when needed. The key is mastering your reactive process.

Customer Service Training (PDF)

This training is used by NASA , Special Forces troops, 911 responders, police officers, and firefighters. You may not face life and death situations like these professionals do, but the human reaction to threat is the same. Learn how to master your response in any situation, whether an angry customer, an impossible workplace task, or conflict at home. Everything improves if we can calm the reactive process, and allow our natural desire to serve to come to the forefront.

  • Gain control over how you respond to others, especially in challenging situations; prevent things from escalating
  • View critical situations more clearly and impersonally
  • Understand and communicate more effectively with
  • difficult people
  • Use clinically-proven breathing and meditation techniques to remove mental “static” and and dial back strong emotional states
  • Increase mental focus and productivity amidst 24/7 hyperconnectivity and distractions



“I enjoyed your program immensely. I’ve thought long and deeply about how to respond to the people who appear in my courtroom, given their frustrations, lack of respect for authority, and the necessity for me to be both understanding and strong. I intend to implement all of the tools in
my professional and personal life.”
—Pierce County Superior Court judge (anonymous as required by law)

“This training program was helpful, not only in dealing with people who stress you out, but especially on how you handle yourself, so you don’t let the slings, arrows, and other misfortunes that others may sling your way get you down. It was rather liberating, in fact.”
—John Lom, Deputy Chief Counsel, Department of the Treasury

“These are critical skills for achieving our goals with greater clarity of mind, without losing our
sense of humor or health along the way.”
—Jeff F., Manager, Learning & Development, CBS Interactive


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