Stress Management and Resilience Training for the Workplace

Corporate stress management training and resilience training for the workplace, employee appreciation events, and conferences

Give your managers and employees the skills they need to perform effectively under high pressure. NASA, GE, Nokia, Stanford University, and the U.S. Army are just a few of the organizations that have provided Clarity Seminars’ corporate stress management training to their employees.

This program is an unusual combination. It dramatically benefits attendees in both their work and personal lives, and also greatly enhances resiliency and productivity on the job. It’s often the most highly-rated program a company offers its people, whether as part of ongoing staff development, or for employee appreciation events and conferences.

This training is at the cutting edge of stress reduction, offering a powerful blend of cognitive training and clinically-proven relaxation techniques to manage stress and enhance resiliency in the most challenging circumstances.

It’s also much more than a stress-management program. The principles and techniques participants learn are essential for successful leadership, self-mastery, focus, and ability to work effectively with others.

David and Karen Gamow, founders of Clarity Seminars, have personally trained more than 25,000 employees in these methods — from software engineers under crushing development deadlines to soldiers preparing for combat.

The Gamows’ training is nationally recognized, and has been featured in Huffington PostInvestor’s Business Daily, Gannett News, Money Magazine, Chicago Sun-Times, San Jose Mercury News, and Industry Week.


Managers from around the world gather at GE’s training headquarters in Wisconsin for an in-depth week of training, including this module on stress and resiliency with David and Karen Gamow.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Understand and communicate more sensitively with others, without denying or sacrificing your own feelings
  • Enhance resiliency to meet challenges; recover more quickly from adversity
  • Work under pressure with greater calmness and clarity of mind
  • Dramatically reduce stress with clinically-proven breathing and relaxation techniques that can be done in a few moments
  • Achieve significant relief from chronic pain, high blood pressure, insomnia, and many other stress-related conditions
  • Enhance personal productivity. Focus the mind where you want it to go, to achieve results more quickly and effectively
  • Increase the ability to concentrate amidst 24/7 hyperconnectivity and distractions


Workplace stress management training clients include:

  • NASA
  • GE Healthcare
  • Citrix Systems
  • Juniper Networks
  • U.S. Navy / Naval Surface Warfare Center
  • Nokia
  • San Jose Police Department
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Social Security Administration
  • Wilson Sonsini


  • CBS
  • Adobe Systems
  • Intuit
  • NOAA
  • Gilead
  • Stanford University
  • University of Texas
  • U.S. Forest Service
  • Denver International Airport
  • Westin Hotels
  • Stanford Linear Accelerator

More Clients

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Resilience and stress management training for the workplace

Give your employees the benefit of an effective, highly-rated stress management program with a national reputation for excellence. Choose your area of specialty below, and download a brochure with testimonials from others in your field.

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Leadership & Executive Training (private sector)
Leadership and SES Training (government)
Law Firms / Legal
Hotels / Hospitality
Hospitals / Medical
Universities / Education
Police, Security, & Public Safety
Military Resiliency Training

Stress and resilience training for executives and top managers

Reacting instead of making a calm conscious choice is detrimental not only to staff loyalty, but also to making the right decision in critical situations. The best leadership information and training can be presented, but until the leader is able to maintain calm focus and self-control, what has been learned will neither be remembered nor implemented.

Leadership & Executive Training (private sector)
Leadership and SES Training (government)

“Thank you for your excellent presentation. Yours was the most popular program of the thirty sessions offered at our annual Leadership Conference.”
—Colonel Chris Green, U.S. Army

“Your program is excellent. I am very pleased to find a program of such quality to meet our needs, and am hopeful that you can present this training to our CEO members throughout the U.S.”
Wendy Beecham, Chair, Chief Executives Working Together

“Of the more than 20 management training programs Kimpton offered last year, your seminar was ranked highest by our employees. We believe we have better leaders now as a result of it: more balanced, more relaxed, and less overworked.”   more testimonials from Kimpton managers
—Niki Leondakis, Vice President, Kimpton Hotels

Employee appreciation programs or events

Say “thank you” to your employees with a motivational and enjoyable program that benefits them personally and professionally, and enhances their workplace performance. Employee Appreciation Programs

This program is pure genius. ‘must-see’ for anyone who wants to change their life for the better. Very warm speakers — open and easy to engage with. They really want to help their audience. Let them.”
—Mindy Ecenrode, Attorney, U.S. Army

Stress and resilience training that directly addresses conflict resolution, rapid change, and customer service

Working with the public is harder than ever. Expectations are high, time is short, and tempers are shorter. But it is possible to survive, and even thrive as a customer service professional today. And it’s essential for your employees’ health and professional resiliency that they learn how. We provide targeted stress management training for customer service professionals. Learn more

“I have been here for many years, and this is the first training that actually made a change in me that will last more than a day. I’ve never seen a training that lit a fire in people for days afterward and will really make a change in us. Everyone is still talking about it. But more than talking about it, they’re acting on it.”
—Frank H., Chef Concierge, Les Clefs d’Or, 5 star resort

“It’s very hard to characterize this training. It’s foundational for a wide variety of subjects: customer service, coping with difficult people, reducing stress, and more. It contains solid information about stress, coping and ultimately taking personal responsibility. Great, great class. I highly recommend the Gamows’ training.”
—Diane Flannigan, Training Manager, Coldwell Banker

A motivational speaker for your conference

David is a gifted motivational speaker and popular keynote presenter who delivers unforgettable programs for conferences and employee appreciation events. He inspires and motivates audiences with a direct, challenging style that includes a healthy dose of humor, colorful analogies, and a deep understanding and empathy for how the human mind works. His programs have helped many people achieve a sudden shift in perspective that has radically changed their lives for the better.

“If ever there was a way to improve your life, make work more productive and meaningful, and make you feel good about yourself and your world, you could find no better than this course!”
—Chris Webb, U.S. Army

“Thank you for presenting at our annual educational conference this year. It was a terrific program. The evaluations were all excellent, and people were buzzing about the ideas you shared for a long time afterward. You have a wonderful way of connecting meaningfully with your audience. Anyone working in the law firm environment (or any other high stress workplace) would benefit greatly from your program.”  
—Karin Wiborn, Executive Director, Archer Norris, on behalf of the Association of Legal Administrators

The program length can be customized to meet your needs. The most popular and effective stress management training program for the workplace is 3.5 hours. Variations are available from two to four hours, including a two-hour follow-up one week after the initial training. Conference programs range from two to four hours. Based in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area, Clarity Seminars specializes in corporate training for executives and employees, and stress management and resiliency programs for employee appreciation events and conferences. Training is primarily offered in North America (U.S., Canada, Mexico); training in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, or Australia is possible if your training dates are flexible. Inquire  for a quote, inclusive of travel.


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